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Street Calvari, 63 • Bétera, València


in Mans i Salut we work with PEOPLE

that we are serving of OSTEOPATHY

The goal is to improve your health

with the use of our hands

and different manual techniques.


in Mans i Salut we attend to

our professional

sportmens and amateurs

Sports Physiotherapy


Street Calvari, 63 • 46117 Bétera, València

as specialists in

We serve all kinds of injuries

without losing the overall view of recovery

in Mans i Salut we use


to make and accurate Diagnosis

using muscle test


We recommend changes in diet

and eatings habits

for the better digestive function

and thus have the nutrients they need

for a good recovery.

About us

We are a group of professionals worried about the ATTENTION to our patients, with a wide and complete formation and work of quality spirit. We are placed in Bétera since 1997. We started as Physiotherapists, specializing in the area of ​​Sports Physiotherapy with the Master of C.A.R. San Cugat (Barcelona). Subsequently we carried out the training in Osteopathy for 6 years (plus Tesina) in School of Osteopathic Concept (E.C.O.) in Barcelona. Since then we have developed our work from the prism of Osteopathy, contributing our experience in the treatment of all types of athletes (amateurs, amateurs, elite ...) Our spirit of improvement leads us to complete our training with Kinesiology, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Etc. The personalized attention and the work with our Hands has always been our hallmark of identity, taking a contact with the patient and stimulating their involvement in the improvement of their Health. We invite you to know our center and our way of working.

Our team

Juanjo Morelló Izquierdo
Juanjo Morelló Izquierdo
Juanjo Morelló Izquierdo

Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Specialist in Sports, Applied Kinesiology.

Marta Navarro Catalán
Marta Navarro Catalán
Marta Navarro Catalán

Physiotherapist, Osteopath. Pilates Instructor.

If you have any questions or problems please do not hesitate to contact us!!!



Occupied of supporting the essence of the Osteopathy, in Mans i Salut we treat PERSONS, NOT DISEASES, for what we realize a personalized and meticulous exploration, to understand the corporal language of our patient and this way to be able to help him to recover his HEALTH.


As specialists in Sports Physiotherapy, we attend to our professional sportsmen and amateurs with a personalized treatment, at the level of his requirements. In the same way the injuries of sporadic sportsmen also are attended by the major professionalism for the prompt recovery and I return to the playful activity.


Without losing our holistic vision of the human being, we use the Kinesiology to realize a precise diagnosis by means of muscular test.

  • INOVA Instituto de Osteopatía
  •  ROE Registro de Osteopatas de España
  • The London School of Osteopathy
  • GOK Salut
  • Col·legi de Fisioterapeutes CV
  • Asociación Española de Aikido Tradicional